We have created Sixteen to be everything we would want to find in one place: lovely food, amazing coffee, happy people, warm welcome, cool art, sun-kissed garden, comfy seats, etc.


About Us

About us

We are Neal and Zoe, we met in 2006 whilst working for the same company, we worked in the marketing and technology departments, in an entirely different industry.

In 2013 we got married, and after years of talking about turning our passions into a way of life, we decided to do something about it.




About 16 Sydney Street

When we were looking for a venue for our new venture, we had a bit of an idea about what we wanted, we knew it would have to have a strong Brighton vibe, we knew that when we found it we would know it was the one.

On a grey Friday afternoon in March 2014 we visited 16 Sydney Street: the place had been gutted, there was no electricity, no water, broken windows, spiders aplenty, a jungle where there had once been a garden, – and we both fell in love just a little bit.

Over the following weekend we dared to dream about how we could make it ours, on the Monday morning we made an offer and after two long months of solicitors and contracts, we were handed the keys.

We spent 3 month: tearing down ceilings and putting up walls, installing plumbing and electricity, painting and decorating, and making Sixteen ours, we opened on the first of September 2014.

Sydney Street is a fabulous area in Brighton and we are so happy to be part of it.